“And do you like it here?”

I’ve been living in Belfast for over 7 months now. Time flies indeed. The question I most get from people who hear my story has to be “and do you like it here in Belfast?”. An awkward pause invariably ensues. Because I didn’t move here because of my love for Belfast. I moved here for something else. If people were to ask me “and do you like your new life/house/working from home?” no pause would follow because I do. Very much so. Belfast is where I happen to be. It certainly provides a nice, quiet backdrop, one that I very much enjoy and now consider home. But I still carry London in my heart.

One thought on ““And do you like it here?”

  1. Hi. Nice to see spring is cmiong. Here in northern Norway we still have a LOT of snow, althoug the temperature is nice But hard to imagine a green lawn in a month or so Better knit some while I’m waiting Love you website!

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